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Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island is the largest island of Vietnam located in the Gulf of Thailand, and belongs to the province of Kien Giang. Long beaches, primitive forests, mountains create harmonious natural pictures, Phu Quoc is so beautiful that it is called "Pearl island".
Along the coast of 28 km, Phu Quoc has many beautiful beaches, 99 mountains and hills, primitive forests with an exceptional flora and fauna. To the south of the island is the An Thoi archipelago with 15 different islands and islets, to the north are Mong Tay Island, Doi Moi Island, Ban Island and Thay Boi Island...these Islands are ideal for nautical activities such as cruising, fishing, diving ....

L'ile de Phu QuocL'ile de Phu QuocL'ile de Phu Quoc

Sao Beach
Sao Beach is the most beautiful beach of Phu Quoc stretching over seven kilometers. It is an interesting place for swimming, and then a delicious meal of seafood with many kind of shells cooked or grilled...

Phu Quoc National Park
Phu Quoc National Park is a 370 km2 primitive forest with 929 plant species and 144 animals species. In the park, there is Mount Chua 565m high, from the top it offers a view of the forest and the mountains that follow each other without end.

The Ghanh Dau promontory
From Ghanh Dau promontory you will have a view of Cambodia, just 3.5 km. The setting of Ganh Dau is very beautiful with the beach shady of coconut trees, and many small fishing boats. You can try a boat ride here, the price is about 8 - 10 usd / 30 minutes.
Bai Dai Beach stretches from the Ghanh Dau promontory to the Nui Chao promontory, the beach is 15 km long with white sand.
The An Thoi archipelago is the complex of more than 15 islands and islets south of Phu Quoc Island. It is the place where travelers frequent to go fishing, diving (snorkeling / scuba diving) to contemplate corals...

When to go
The climate of Phu Quoc has two distinct seasons: the rainy season, from May to September; the dry season is between October and April. The temperature is high and knows little change throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 28oC.
The best time to visit Phu Quoc Island is between October and May of the following year. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches in the sun with pleasant temperature all day long. The month of May is the beginning of the rainy season, yet it is also the favorable time to bathe because there is little rain during this month.

How to get there
  • By plane, it is also the most convenient way: from Hanoi, there are daily flights to Phu Quoc Island, the duration of the flight is 1h05; From Ho Chi Minh City, there are also daily flights with a duration of 50 minutes; From Can Tho, the company Vietnam airlines operates one flight a day, the flight duration is 45 minutes.
  • By boat, from the Rach Gia pier (280 km from Saigon) and the Ha Tien pier (300 km from Saigon), the shuttle boat between the land and the Phu Quoc island leaves 2 times Per day: one in the early morning and one in the early afternoon. The boat's journey lasts 2- 2,5h.

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