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Mekong Delta

The Mekong River originates in Tibet, flows through 4 countries, branches in Cambodia and finally passing Vietnam before entering the South China Sea. At the confluence of the nine distributaries of the river extends the Mekong Delta, also called the "rice granary of Vietnam". It is a unique region that is composed mainly of rice fields, canals, floating markets.... The best way to explore this unique region and discover the local life is thus the boat: the mode of transport used everywhere and in all forms.
The Mekong offers many benefits to agriculture and fishing, especially during the rainy season. It is a water supply for watering, and alluvium supply for the soil. In addition, the river brings a large quantity of fish, shrimps. Thus the inhabitants of the delta accepted to live with the floods, rather than constructing dikes as in the Red River delta. Yet the river also has disadvantages, especially flooding during the rainy season, or the intrusion of salt water in the dry season.
Nevertheless, the Mekong brings to the southern delta characteristic attractions that are not found anywhere in Vietnam: immense verdant orchards, floating markets, open and welcoming inhabitants...

Delta du MekongDelta du MekongDelta du Mekong

Floating Market
The floating markets that have existed for a long time, make a cultural feature of the population of the Mekong Delta.
Early in the morning, local people come with boats overloaded with tropical fruits, agricultural produce. But you can also find at the market many kinds of goods: soup, coffee, tea ... Normally the market ends around 10am. However, the ideal time to visit the floating market is from 6 am to 7 am, it is the busiest time.

Local people
People in Mekong Delta are absolutely friendly and hospitable. It is also an attraction of this land. The Mekong Delta is a new land with a history of hundreds years, the inhabitants are less influenced by old us and customs, so they are open and welcome new cultures.
Folk songs (Don ca tai tu)
The folk songs of Don ca tai tu is recognized as World Heritage by Unesco. Don ca tai tu reflects the soul of Mekong delta people. Don ca tai tu also means amateur songs, all men can sing and can sing everywhere, in the parties as well as at rest after work, with simple musical instruments.
When to go
The Mekong Delta is located in the tropical equatorial climate zone, fewer storms, it is hot and humid all year round, no cold season. The rainy season is from May to November, the dry season from December to April of next year. The temperature is high and knows little change during the year, the average annual temperature of 26 ° C - 27 ° C.
You can visit the Mekong Delta all year round, it always makes sunny, in the dry season as well as the rainy season.
How to get there
The bus is a convenient transport to travel to Mekong Delta. It takes you 2 hours drive from Saigon to Ben Tre, the first destination of the Mekong Delta.

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