Les raisons de choisir Hallo Vietnam Travel


Why travel with us?

15  reasons to choose Hallo Vietnam 

1. 100% TAILOR MADE journey to your requirements
At Hallo Vietnam we have developed the culture of difference: the journey is elaborated according to your wishes with our specialized travel consultants. Their experiences will guide you in your choices so that your trip exactly meets your expectations.

2. A CREATIVE and ORIGINAL circuit 
  • Revalue existing services and traditional destinations, which have been in operation for a long time, at the same time, our product team continues to regularly discover new destinations, new services: a site not yet known; a small charming hotel not found in the brochures, nor on the internet, a local original and typical family hidden in its village, ...
  • In co-operation with the village community, we preserve traditional values (handicrafts, indigenous architectural works, etc.) which have risks due to the mass tourism development and local industries by co-operating responsible tourism for Interest of the villagers.
3. FLEXIBLE Program
A travel project is a plan that you will make and it is like a dashboard for your trip and you will be able to modify it at a suitable time to suit your pace, your health, your time or even your inspiration at the time of the circuit execution.
4. Experienced LOCAL EXPERTS
  • Advised by an expert indigenous who have "experience on the land", and living for generations or doing regular land visits, perfect English-speaker take care of your project.
  • Always available and helpful, he knows by heart his country to propose solutions that "stick" perfectly to your expectations.
  • A sense of anticipation: By his experience and remaining at your disposal to warn you of any activity of your circuit scenario.
  • Professionalism: experts with professional training and more than 10 years experience in various international and local travel agencies.

  • Be assisted and advised before, during and after your trip;
  • A hotline that can be reached 24 hours a day;
  • A reassured response within 24 hours and immediate action in case of unexpected events.
  • A travel consultant per group to better understand your desires and expectations;
  • Careful care from first contact until after your trip;
  • Private reception upon your arrival;
  • Reactivity and helpfulness at all times and in any case, especially in case of unexpected event during your trip allowing you to travel in peace and security.
7. All TRANSPARENT: As you watch the video clip of your trip before your departure
  • A summary of the destinations, services accompanying photos and / or video clips;
  • A list of activities day by day with contacts of the persons in charge;
  • A "small profile" of the speakers direct to your trip (guide, chauffeur, captain of junk or boats, ...) will be sent to you before your arrival;
  • Closed and final prices without "unpleasant surprise".
8. A local tour operator who is "DISIGNER" and "EXECUTOR" and "WITHOUT INTERMEDIARY"
  • We are both TRAVEL AGENCY and LOCAL TOUR OPERATOR, we build with you your program and offer it directly without any intermediary and we organize the logistics of your trip to completely reassure the Spirit of your project.
  • As a local tour operator, we (travel consultants and guides, drivers, ...) who live and experience the culture and way of life that are ours and our compatriot, we know people, sites, even villages very little known, small streets, ... and we would like to share with you our own experience.
  • One of the interests for you to travel with a local tour operator is that you do not have to pay intermediaries fees.
Our staff are the local people with more than 10 years of experience in different local and international tour operators; Created since 2009, Hallo Vietnam is constantly enriching the services of any category allowing a wide choice to optimize whatever your budget.
10. Certified by the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam
  • Vietnamese legislation requires the obtaining of an "International Tour Operator License" certified that Hallo Vietnam has experience, professional skills, guarantees and financial and materials means, ... to organize trips to international travelers in the Vietnamese territory and all over the world. In addition, the holder of this license is supervised regularly by competent offices and also by professional tourism organizations.
  • Not all travel agencies in Vietnam have obtained sufficient conditions to have this license. In this case, either they must go through an agency holding this license, or it will operate illegally.
  • We have this license for the first time in 2012 and then in 2015 during the agency restructuring.
11. Guaranteed by ACB Bank
A bond of 25,000 Euros equivalent to ACB to fulfill our legal obligations to provide a financial guarantee in accordance with Article 46, Chapter VI, I2 of Tourism Law No. 44/2005 / QH11 dated 14/06/2005. In case of any dispute, this deposit will be debited by the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam to reimburse the Customer if Hallo Vietnam is deemed to be wrong.
12. Recommended by our travelers
Founded in 2009, located in Hanoi, Vietnam under the trade name HAVICO and restructured in 2016, we are appreciated by our clients who entrusted us to organize their travels and by their recommendation in the press, newspaper,… 
  • Being a local tour operator, we work with local people from each village to create jobs for tourism.
  • The money you spend is not just to pay for the travel services you enjoy, but also to help improve the lives of the villagers you visit.
14. MORE THAN A TRIP, you contributed 1 euro / day to charitable activities
By traveling with Hallo Vietnam, you contributed 1 euro to the "Maison de Grâce" each day of your journey, a place receiving old and disabled women without a home, without family or abandoned, managed by the Sisters of the Sainte Marie Reine Monastic.
15. For secure online payment
As you know, the online trip purchase is an engaging act, we offer you a reliable and secure online payment system as well as the possibility to subscribe to travel insurance.
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Address: No 10-TT6.2 Lexington Estate, Thinh Liet, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Agence de voyage locale, agréée par L'Administration Nationale du Tourisme du Vietnam.

Licence de Tour Operateur International No: 01-768/2016/TCDL-GPLHQT