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Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city is the most modern, the liveliest and the most Occidentalized city in Vietnam. Also known as Ho Chi Minh City, the city was marked by the different occupations of the colonial period. Because of its ideal geographical position, close to the Mekong delta, Cambodia and Laos, it has always been a very commercial city and hardly ever sleeps.
Area: 2,095.06 km2
Population: 7,818,200 inhabitants (2013)
Its climate is divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season, the average temperature is 27°C, there is no winter so the city is sunny all year round with a very modern and dynamic atmosphere.

  • La ville de Ho Chi Minh

    La ville de Ho Chi Minh

  • Cathédrale Notre Dame

    Cathédrale Notre Dame

  • Sai Gon la nuit

    Sai Gon la nuit

  • Cafe Sai Gon

    Cafe Sai Gon

  • Rue de Sai Gon

    Rue de Sai Gon

  • La ville de Ho Chi Minh
  • Cathédrale Notre Dame
  • Sai Gon la nuit
  • Cafe Sai Gon
  • Rue de Sai Gon


Museums: With a network of 11 museums, Ho Chi Minh City is home to the largest number of museums in Vietnam. The content of museum exhibitions is quite rich, it relates to local history and culture as well as other countries and Southeast Asia. Here are some museums that you should visit: the Vietnam Historical Museum, the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, the Vietnam War Museum, the Fito Museum ...

The pagodas: Ho Chi Minh City has more than 1,000 pagodas, communal houses, and temples that are built through many period; as well as many other precious historical, architectural and artistic relics.
You will also find pagodas typical of the South region, old communal houses attached to the history of new lands reclamation. Thus, there are "modern pagodas” that are the largest and most beautiful in the country, they are result of the perfect combination of modern and traditional architecture. With such architecture, many of these pagodas have been recognized as historical and cultural vestiges. Here are some that you should not miss: Giac Lam Pagoda, Giac Vien Pagoda, Phung Son Pagoda, Vinh Nghiem Pagoda ...

Cathedrals: The cathedrals in Ho Chi Minh City were mainly built in the late 19th century, by French colonist. In general, they strongly embodies the French architectural style. The Notre Dame Cathedral was built of red tiles from Marseille, the windows and all the iron frame were imported from France, then the blue stones of Bien Hoa were used. The windows, the arcades according to the Roman style, accompanied by the arched vaults according to the Gothic style, remind us of other great cathedrals in Paris, Chartres or Reims.

Cu Chi tunnels: it is a military base with a very dense network of tunnels compared to cobwebs in the basement. Famous all over the world, the Cu Chi tunnels network and the Ben Duoc Memorial Temple on the Ho Chi Minh city River are today a historical and cultural vestige of the country. The vestige is even more beautiful thanks to charming landscapes, a peaceful river, gardens of lush vegetation and rice fields stretching as far as the eye can see.

Shopping: One of the pleasures of most travelers coming to Ho Chi Minh City is to stroll the street and shopping. Here, the merchandise is very rich and various. You can go to small retail markets such as: Ben Thanh Market (which is in the "Top most attractive food markets in the World"), An Dong Market, Binh Tay Market ...; Or take a walk on the streets specialized in each category of merchandise like: Nguyen Thong (for food), Cao Thang, Tran Huy Lieu (for clothing, fashion), Cong Kieu, Dong Khoi (for antiques, souvenirs)…

From To Distance (km) Means of transport Duration of transport Road condition
HCM city Cai Be 100 km Car 2,5h Good
HCM city Can Tho 170 km Car 3,5h Good
HCM city Cu Chi 40 km Car 1,5h Good
HCM city Da Lat 300 km Plane / Car 50minutes/ 7h Good
HCM city Danang 980 km Plane 1h20  
HCM city Hanoi 1719 km Plane 2h10  
HCM city Hue 1065 km Plane 1h25  
HCM city Mui Ne 188 km Car 4h Good
HCM city My Tho 70 km Car 2h Good
HCM city Nha Trang 439 km Train/ Plane 9h/1h05 Good
HCM city Tay Ninh 99 km Car 2,5h Good
HCM city Vinh Long 135 km Car 3h – 3,5h Good

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