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Phan Thiet - Mui Ne

Phan Thiet is a coastal city located 200 km north-east of Saigon. Its coast extends over 57 km with beautiful beaches including the Mui Ne famous beach.
Fishing and fish sauce making were the main source of income of Phan Thiet. Nowaday, attracted by the beautiful beaches of the region, tourists come to Phan Thiet more and more. Tourism thus rapidly replaces the fish industry as the main source of employment for the city. A lot of resort are also built along the coast of Mui Ne.
Each area of Phan Thiet has its own characteristics. The Mui Ne beach is well known and also lively. The beaches such as Ke Ga, Hon Rom, Hon Ghenh are peaceful and quiet, conducive to relaxing.

La ville Phan ThietLa ville Phan ThietLa ville Phan Thiet 


Mui Ne Beach
Mui Ne is the name of a promontory that has become the famous tourist center of Phan Thiet nowaday. Formerly Mui Ne was a wild coastal land located very far from the roads, with some fishing villages. At present, Mui Ne is home to hundreds of resorts by the sea.
Here you will find not only long white sand beaches but also many modern activities such as water sports, entertainment, camping ... all along the coast.

La ville Phan ThietThe Cham Towers of Poshanu
The Cham Towers of Poshanu is one of the remains of Champa Kingdom. Despite the small size, these towers reflect the elite of the Champa people (construction, architecture, decoration ...). They are the oldest Cham tours which are relatively intact today.

La ville Phan ThietHon Rom is a small mountain located 7km north-east of Mui Ne promontory. It has a beach of 17km, beautiful and calm, which is enhanced by a quiet water of a perfect limpidity forming small waves.

La ville Phan ThietThe sand dunes
Located near Hon Rom, the sand dunes of Mui Ne is a beautiful site, a unique landscape heritage in Vietnam. Outside the beautiful form, the colors of the sand are attractive to visitors (up to 18 different colors). The favorite activity of travelers here is the slip on the sand.

La ville Phan ThietFishing Village
The fishing village is about 3 km north of Mui Ne beach. From the entrance of the village, you will see hundreds of fishing boats anchored on the water. The port is not far from a small colorful market, surrounded by coconut trees. Continue the walk along the beach covered with sea shells, you will see how the fishermen classify the seafood.

Phan Thiet is located in the area of typical tropical climate, full of wind and sun, very little storm, and no white frost. The average annual temperature is 27oC. In January and February the temperature is a little lower than the other months (temperature is 22 to 29oC). April and May are the hottest months of the year (temperature is 26 to 33oC).
The Phan Thiet coastal city has a favorable climate, it is accessible all the year. However, it is better to avoid the months of July and August, it is the season of red algae that make the swimming impossible.
How to get there
From Saigon, the city is accessible by bus, passing a good road of 200km long (4h - 4,5h). You can also take the Saigon-Phan Thiet train which is available daily.

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