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Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a picturesque and grandiose natural site of the world. Halong Bay opens onto Tonkin Gulf of with an area of 1553 km2. There are 1969 islands and islets emerging from emerald water.
Immersing yourself in this immense sea with its waves and landscapes, you have the impression of being lost in a magical world. Hallo Vietnam is sure that if you go here, Halong Bay will mark an imprint in your life by its extraordinary beauty. This place has been classified twice as World Heritage, this further confirms the exceptional value of Halong Bay.

The legend has it that, the name Halong means "the descent of the dragon". Formerly when the Việt people established their country, invaders came. God ordered the Mother Dragon to bring his troop of small dragons descending to earth to help the Viet people fight against their enemy. The dragons arrived just as the boats of the invaders began to attack the ribs impetuously. The Mother Dragon spat out jewels that turned into thousands of islets like walls on the water, preventing the aggressors from advancing. The boats proceeding at high speed were suddenly stopped and then hit one another on the islets and reduced to pieces.

After completing the assignment, the mother dragon and her children do not return to heaven but remain in the kingdom of the Viet people, the place where the Mother Dragon descends called "Ha Long", and the one where Child Dragon descendants called "Bai Tu Long". The dragons’ tails waving the water created Long Vĩ (the peninsula of Tra Co). Today, many of the mountains and islands in Halong Bay bear the names of Dragon as: Dragon's Head, Dragon's Eyes, Dragon's Island, Dragon-Mother, Long Chau Island and Bach Long Vi island.

  • Croisière dans la baie de Halong 2

    Croisière dans la baie de Halong 2

  • Croisière dans la baie de Halong

    Croisière dans la baie de Halong

  • Croisière dans la baie de Halong 3

    Croisière dans la baie de Halong 3

  • Le grotte Thien Canh Son

    Le grotte Thien Canh Son

  • L'une des nombreuses grottes de la baie de Halong

    L'une des nombreuses grottes de la baie de Halong

  • Kayaking dans le baie de Halong

    Kayaking dans le baie de Halong

  • Croisière dans la baie de Halong 2
  • Croisière dans la baie de Halong
  • Croisière dans la baie de Halong 3
  • Le grotte Thien Canh Son
  • L'une des nombreuses grottes de la baie de Halong
  • Kayaking dans le baie de Halong

Viewed from above, Halong Bay looks like a huge living drawing. Cruise in the middle of Halong bay, we feel as if we were lost in a world of fairy tales. There are many names given to islands according to their shapes and forms. This one reflect the shape of a person heading toward the shore (Male Head Island), that one is in the form of a dragon pretending to fly over the sea surface (Dragon Island), another looks like an old man sitting fishing (Ong La Vong Island); And many other islands with spectacular forms: Canh Buom, Cap Ga, Lu Huong ... Hidden in the heart of these islands are the magnificent caves like real castles created on earth.

- Thien Cung cave (Celestial Palace cave): the large cave recently discovered is famous for its beauty. The cave opens on a space of 250m length and 25m width, the entrance of the cave is 25m high.
- Dau Go cave (Wooden Stakes Cave): the cave is located on the Dau Go island at 189m above sea level. From the quay, there are 90 steps to climb to arrive at its entrance. The cave consists of 3 rooms. The first lower room at the entrance, is a large space that can hold 3-4 person miles. Through millions of years, from the drops of water that fall on the ground from the ceiling of the cave, stalagmites, stalactites, and stone pillars have been formed in various forms. After the narrow path is the 2nd room, in the middle of this room there is a rock 1 m high that is transparent. The third room houses a large number of small stalagmites and stalactites.
- Sung Sot cave: located on Bô Hon island in the heart of Ha Long Bay, the Sung Sôt cave was discovered in 1901 by French people. As the name suggests, it astonishes visitors by its inner beauty. The cave consists of three parts, connected by a paved path. Artificial and multicolored lights (orange, mauve, red, green) add to the lavish beauty of this site. The second room has a high ceiling decorated with stalactites. A second large room, in the same style as the first, is reached, with ceilings carved out of strange alveoli. But the big surprise is in the third room, considered a gigantic opera.
- Me Cung Cave: Me Cung Cave is located on Lom Bo island, near the Sung Sot cave. Seen from a distance, the entrance to the cave resembles the roof of a house floating on the sea. Inside the cave, we will be in small rooms very refined with so many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites multiform.
- Trinh Nu cave (Virgin cave) - Trong cave (Man cave): The Trinh Nu cave is located on Bồ Hòn islands, which houses Sửng Sốt cave and Luồn cave, as well as Ðộng Tiên lake. The fishermen consider Trinh Nu as their home. Young lovers exchange promises of fidelity here.
In the middle of Trinh Nu cave stands a stone statue depicting a girl lying with long hair, face facing the sea in a position to wait impatiently with disappointment.
From 700 - 800m in front of Trinh Nu cave, the Trong cave houses beautiful stalactites and multiform stalagmites. In the Trong Cave, stands a large rock resembling a standing man with eyes looking over the sea.

In addition, Halong bay is today proved by scientists as one of the cradles of Man as it has a culture dating back to the Stone Age era through the archaeological sites Dong Mang, Xich Tho, Soi Nhu, Thoi Gieng ... Halong bay is also the place of biodiversity concentration with many ecosystems and thousands of plant and animal species.

Arriving in Halong bay, tourists will also be able to participate in various activities: swimming, kayaking, fishing, squid fishing... You will also have to try a night floating on a junk off Halong Bay in order to be able to Wake up at sunrise, enjoy this extraordinary show!
When to go: Halong Bay is beautiful all year round. If you arrive in Halong between December and March, you will have pleasant temperature (10 - 20oC). From April to June and from September to November the bay is sunny, the sky is clear. July and August are less favorable because your visit to the bay could be interrupted by tropical storms, yet it is favorable weather for swimming.
How to get there: the bus is the most convenient way to get to Halong from Hanoi. On the journey of 160km it takes about 3.5 hours, you can take the private car or the public bus.

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